a novelty choking hazard

sawdust and diamonds

Joanna contains multitudes.

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itunes icon, gnarly

A few months ago, I finally got sufficiently sick of looking at the iTunes icon that I made a new one. And since I find myself looking over the blog again for the first time in quite a while, I thought I might as well post it, so others can use it if they so desire.
On preview, the thumbnail in this post looks distinctly ovoid on my monitor (your aspect ratio may vary) but I promise that the image is actually circular. I expect that the procedure for applying this image to your iTunes will vary considerably according to your platform, so I will rest on the assumption that if you’re at all inclined to customise your application icons, you will know, or you can easily discover, how to do it on your system.

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another spike

I made a couple of comments yesterday on Charlie Stross’s blog. I assume this is the reason that enthusiasm broke 1,000 views in a day for the first time. What I really don’t understand, though, is why they all went to the same six year old post. I thought at first that my browser must have autocompleted the web site field in Charlie’s comment form with that particular post URL for some reason, but it didn’t; the link over there is to the home page. Either they all got redirected to that post for reasons unknown, or the WordPress stats misattributed the visits, for reasons equally unknown.

I am perplexed. Also, happy new year.

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beloved and respected comrade leader kim

beloved and respected comrade leader kim
beloved and respected comrade leader kim, looking at death
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Brooklyn Bridge tonight

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the apple, stretching and yawning

Stirred from reveries to post some love to what we are currently obliged to call our peeps in New York today. Rather than me uploading the nth copy onto the interwebs, can I just direct you to make use of one of the links under this search link? Or go Youtube? Or, you know, dig your own copy out. That will work.

Grace Jones, The Apple Stretching, 1982

(I’m surprised to note that as far as Discogs knows, this track was never released as a single in the USA, so it may not be as familiar as some, to some. The relevance, however, should be pretty clear.)

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piggy bankrupt

speaks volumes

(via FFFF)

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G. A. Cohen – Against Capitalism

Twenty five minutes (in two parts) explaining the problems with capitalism, twenty five years ago. 1986 seems so long ago, Nancy, as another Cohen once observed. What a different world that was, and still, twenty five years later, the exhilarating analysis laid out here basically nails it. The observations on education under capitalism in the second part are especially pertinent just now.

(sideways via 3quarks)

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Storage does not equal memory, dammit.

How Apple Can Make Money From Higher-Quality Songs – NYTimes.com.

While I don’t actually disagree with any of the points made in this, I’m a little disturbed that the NYT’s Lead Bits Blogger (whatever that means) appears to think that “memory” is synonymous with “storage capacity”…

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testing, yes

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