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Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens

Interior vertical garden, Patrick BlancPatrick Blanc‘s wall gardens are relatively lightweight (in a good way): they are constructed of metal frames supporting PVC and felt layers, watered and fed automatically from the top, and planted with whatever is appropriate to the location, and artificially lit, when created indoors.
Blanc has beaten me to it. I’ve had a similar idea in mind for years, inspired by the moss-covered ravine faces enclosing certain Welsh mountain streams of my former acquaintance. My version, however, was technically simpler and by no means lightweight. Mine is a dry-stone wall construction, and almost certainly an outdoor proposition. I’ve been waiting patiently for a stage of life when I had outdoor space of my own, and in all probability, I’ll wait forever.
Attractive as Blanc’s walls are, though, they don’t appear to be self-sustaining — certainly not the indoor ones. Once the lights go out, as they must, the walls will die.

(via Projo, via pingmag)

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