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Richard Neville on Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch as robotic killing machineYou know, I don’t expose myself to very much of the output of the Murdoch empire, and so it’s possible for me to forget, sometimes for months on end, just how evil it is. Richard Neville doesn’t forget, though, and the latest post on his main site , Killing News – Journal of A Futurist, is a reminder. And it has a brilliant graphic, as you see on the right, there.

In the editorial pages of Murdoch’s antipodean flagship, The Australian, the bombing of Beirut is presented as “Israel doing Lebanon a favour” and restive Arabs are described as “Nazis”. None of this should be surprising, as Murdoch revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that his media ventures are “not as important to me as spreading my personal political beliefs” (November 23, 2005). And these beliefs are dangerous. Murdoch’s influential Weekly Standard advocates the pursuit of “regime change in Syria …. and a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. Why wait?”
It does not seem to figure in Murdoch’s personal accounting that over half a million civilians are now dead or disfigured as a result of the wars he has already promoted. Instead of reconsidering his politics, like other lapsed neocons, Murdoch is still blazing away with his tools of the trade: hate, lies, fear and censorship.

Neville’s Future This Week site seems to be updated about once a month, and there’s no apparent automation to it. The Murdoch piece doesn’t have a permalink; I predict it will be here, if you’re reading this in the Far Future. but the posts are substantial and the images are terrific. He does have an ancillary blog called When The Webmistress Sleeps but that hasn’t been updated since back in February, when he was discussing the Danish cartoon controversy…

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